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Looking for fun outdoor decorating ideas? Here are some great DIY outdoor decorating ideas, some practical and others just plain fun.

Fun outdoor decorating ideas


 Looking for fun outdoor decorating ideas? Here are some great DIY outdoor decorating ideas, some practical and others just plain fun.

Looking for fun outdoor decorating ideas?

I love being outdoors and decorating my yard is one of my favorite things to do.  Because I live in Florida, I am lucky enough to be able to spend time outside year-round.  However, this time of year is just too hot for me most of the day.  And after several rounds of skin cancer, I stay out of the mid-day sun, but the mornings and evenings are wonderful.

So, in this post I have collected some of my favorite outdoor decorating ideas that I really want to share with you, some practical and others just plain fun. Because if you like decorating and gardening like me, you just want to share all the awesome ideas you’ve found!  I hope you find some inspiration among these.

Fairy house.

Fairy houses are such a big thing now, and this DIY fairy house planter I made is super simple! It uses a terracotta pot, rocks and moss from the dollar store and a resin door and window.

Here's how to make a sweetly whimsical DIY fairy house planter from a terra cotta pot & other inexpensive items. It's really easy, so why not give it a try?

Reflecting balls.

My grandma had one in her yard when I was a kid and I loved looking in it and seeing how everything was distorted. 🙂 But, it was glass, and pretty fragile during Ohio winters. I really like these because you can either use a glass lamp globe or a bowling ball, which would be much more sturdy than those old ones.

Easy walkway lights.

Believe it or not, this is a tuna fish can, a PVC pipe, a dollar store vase, and a candle! Ingenious!

Dressed-up cooler.

I love this idea.  They’ve built a plain old Igloo cooler into a great conversation piece that looks good enough to be out all the time.

Tipsy planter.

I love these kinds of planters and they are so easy and cute.  The flower pots are threaded onto a metal pole and stacked with the largest pot on the bottom.

Here’s a bonus one for Halloween time. 🙂

Decorate the fence with whimsical hubcap flowers.

Oh my gosh! How cute are these???

Dress up the fence with old frames and hanging pots.

Lovely way to dress up a boring fence.

This cute wreath is made from old plastic flower pots!

Isn’t this clever? (Here is another post on how to declutter by re-using items like this!)

Cozy Fire pit.

This is such an easy project, even I can do this! 😉

Firewood holder.

What a simple design to keep your firewood neat now that you have that fire pit!

Shovel pine cones.

I had to save my favorite for last because I love, love, love these!

Of course, you must have an awfully big space for these, but I think these pine cones made from shovels are SO neat! These were created by Floyd Elzinga. What a clever artist.

Do you have an outdoor decoration that has seen better days? Make it like new again!

Re-paint a faded lawn ornament with fun, new colors to give it a whole new look! Like our toad’s makeover. 

Update old lawn ornaments with paint to give them a whole new look! Let your imagination run wild & turn them into a whimsical new showpieces in your yard.

Here’s how to refurbish your old wind chimes, too!

How to refurbish wind chimes. My wind chimes have endured 10 years of Michigan winters & Florida summers. Here is how I refurbished them to look as good as new.

So, there you go.  Some of my favorite fun outdoor decorating ideas.

I hope you found some inspiration. Please share some of your favorite outdoor decorating ideas, too.  I’d love to hear from you!

Happy decorating!

~ Pam

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  5. I really like the recommendation to update old lawn ornaments. It makes sense that using paint to decorate old lawn pieces could be fun while completely replacing them could be good too. For my yard, I don’t have many decorations as it is, so, getting new pieces and re-painting the ones I already have could be helpful to update the look this summer.

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