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Here are 7 ways to make your laundry room better including adding storage, and decorating to make it both fun and functional!

7 ways to make your laundry room better!


How to organize the laundry room - 7 ways to make your laundry room better!

7 ways to organize the laundry room!

Don’t you wish you had a magic wand you could wave to instantly clean, dry, fold and put away all of your family’s clothes? Yeah, me, too!   Alas, I don’t have a magic wand, and since laundry is one of those chores that we have to do whether we like it or not, here are some ways to make it a little bit more enjoyable by making the laundry room both fun and functional!

1. Make the laundry room better by adding extra shelving.

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Since our new washer and old dryer are different heights, we added an extra shelf over the dryer.  Our cats sleep in the laundry room, so we use this shelf to hold their food as well as laundry detergent.  If you have extra space, add more shelves, and don’t forget to utilize the space above your laundry room door.

 7 ways to make your laundry room better! Add extra shelving over dryer in laundry room

But if your washer and dryer are the same height, add a single shelf across both to create a great folding/ironing area.

2. Use the wall space efficiently.

We use a large bike hook to store our laundry baskets. We all have tall laundry hampers in our closets for dirty clothes.  The plastic laundry baskets are old ones they use to take the clothes back and forth to their rooms. Use a hanging rack to neatly organize your ironing board, broom and dustpan to keep them in reach and off the floor. I also keep a “claw” grabber I swiped from my son because I am short and if things fall behind or between the washer and dryer, this makes it a snap to reach them!

7 ways to make your laundry room better! Use a bike hook and laundry rack for more storage.

3. Use a laundry cart between the washer and dryer.

It is a great space saver and I also like that you can store cleaners and such safely on the cart so that pets and small children can’t reach them easily.   Currently, since our cats share the laundry room (and my kids are now teens so I don’t have to worry about the chemicals), we actually have our laundry cart in another part of the laundry room.  It sits in front of the doors to the A/C handlers (which we don’t need to access often).  I keep paper towels, the litter box supplies, a small garbage can  for lint and garbage from pockets, the dryer sheets and cleaning supplies on it.

7 ways to make your laundry room better! Use a rolling cart for extra storage.

4. Keep a garbage can, coin catcher, and paper towels in laundry room for easy clean up.

Use a butter tub with a slit cut in the top or a cute change bank for all the loose change you find. (I like this one!) Installing a paper towel rack makes it easy to wipe up any spills and we also do a quick swipe to dry off the door and inside gasket of our washer.  Otherwise, the mildew shows up fast!

7 ways to make your laundry room better! Use a butter tub or piggy bank for change and paper towels for spills.

5. Create a drying rack to dry delicates.

There are so many clever ideas on how to create one.  Here are just a few.

This one is made from an old baby crib rail. (See how else you can recycle baby cribs in this post.)

Or this:

6. “How to do laundry” list for kids.

As I mentioned, my kids are teens now and they have been doing their own laundry for several years now.  I showed them how to do laundry and then wrote out a detailed list for them to refer to (as a Word document) and hung it right in the laundry room. It has worked out great.  My 12-year-old has ADHD and over the years we have discovered that one of the best tools for him is to have a very detailed step-by-step list to follow in order to complete projects.

Here is my list:

7 ways to make your laundry room better! Detailed list I created for my kids to do their own laundry.

7. Since you HAVE to be there, make it enjoyable to be in.

There are so many good ideas on how to make it prettier.

Wall decals.

I chose this one because it looks like a window looking out onto a field of flowers. (way better than baskets of stinky socks…)

Here are other ways I have used wall decals in my house: My obsession with wall decals!

7 ways to make your laundry room better! Wallies decal shows field of flowers out open window.

FREE printables:

And fun decor.

This is my favorite, an awesome Dobby sock sorter 🙂

I hope you find these as helpful as I did!

Here are 10 ways to make doing kids’ laundry easier, too!

Leave me a comment and let me know about tricks you use to make your laundry room better, too!

~ Pam

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