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Tired of all of that clutter in your garage, craft room, or kitchen counter tops? Organize with pegboard to keep your whole home neat and clutter-free.

Whole house organization – organize with pegboard!


Tired of all of that clutter in your garage, craft room, or kitchen counter tops? Organize with pegboard to keep your whole home neat and clutter-free.

Tired of all of that clutter in your garage, craft room, or on the kitchen counter tops? Organize with pegboard to keep your whole home neat and clutter-free.

As an organizer, I know a lot of people struggle with cluttered spaces. It can be really hard to keep track of all of those little items, especially if you don’t have a designated space for them.  That is why when I teach people how to organize, I tell them to find a place for each item they have.

Here is my secret on how to do that.

Look at an item. Ask yourself where you would search in your home if you were looking for that item.  Once you know, the all you do is keep that item there.  It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else.  This is your home and your space and you have the right to make it work the best way for you! 

So, having said that, using pegboard is a wonderful way to help you keep all of those small items grouped together and available without taking up a whole lot of valuable floor or desk space.

Here are some examples of using pegboard around the whole house that really help with organization and clutter control!

Organize with pegboard in the garage.

One of my biggest organizing pet peeves is not taking advantage of walls for storage, especially in the garage, where floor space is at a premium.  Adding hooks, bins, and other accessories can turn a wall into tons of storage for tools, paint cans, and sports equipment. (And it doesn’t have to be ugly, either!)

Nor does it have to be super expensive.

Look at the clever use of old soda bottles to store small items.  An eye hook screwed into the lid and a hole cut out of the front, and you have great storage (and get to recycle, too).

I love the look of this space, and the best part is that the shelves are only 5″ wide. They are plenty big enough for spray paint cans, but not so big that they get in the way.

Here are other ways to add storage in the garage.

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How to hang pegboard.

Before I get too much further, I just want to  talk about hanging your pegboard.  Attach them to studs or use anchors to make sure they are secure and can hold the weight of the items you will hang on them.

The pegboard must sit away from the wall a bit so the hangers can fit in the holes. You can buy spacers to add onto the screw, but it is usually cheaper to buy (or use leftover) washers stacked up to create a spacer, like this:

There are so many ways to store items on pegboard. Here are some examples of hanging accessories I found on Amazon.

Organize with pegboard in the kitchen.

Hanging up pots and pans on pegboard is a great solution if you have very little cabinet space.

It works well for cooking utensils, too.

(I love how they also added the magnetic knife rack and additional shelves right on the pegboard, too.)

Works for hanging up fruits and veggies, as well.

Here are some other ways to add storage space in the kitchen.

Organize with pegboard in the bedroom.

Master bedroom

Pegboard is a great way to organize your jewelry. It is easy to organize necklaces, earrings, and bracelets all within easy reach. Paint the pegboard to match your decor then frame it with some painted wood for a stylish statement piece.

Use it to hang baseball caps.

Add it behind a nightstand for extra storage space.

Use it for a headboard.

I love how they added baskets and included lights! No need to mount sconces and the cords simply tuck behind the pegboard. And of course, the painted Union Jack is a fun, bold statement.

Children’s room

Use it to store Nerf guns or just about any other collection.

Create an art center.

I love how they incorporated a shower caddy into the design!


Easily keep everything in reach while trying to diaper a squirming baby.

Organize with pegboard in the laundry room.

Use pegboard to hang your ironing board and other laundry supplies.

Here are other ways to add laundry room storage.

Organize with pegboard in the mud room.

Add pegboard to an awkward space in the mud room to create a great storage area for cleaning items.

Organize with pegboard in the office.

A great way to keep all of your business supplies, calendar, and other necessities right within easy reach of your desk.

Organize with pegboard in the home gym/workout space.

Hey, if you have a dedicated workout space, you might as well make it as nice as possible, right?  Using pegboard is a great way to keep supplies organized and a perk to keeping you motivated to work out!

I really love their wall mural.  I found a similar one on Amazon.  See it here.

Organize with pegboard in the craft room.

My favorite place to use pegboard! It helps keep all of those small items neat and organized and allows you to keep your work space clutter-free! There are so many clever designs and it really just depends on what kind of crafting you do.


Love the thread rack on the peg board.


A place to hang all of the rulers and rotary cutters.


The metal buckets are so cute. Get them here.


I love how they not only use pegboard, but also a rail and bucket system as well as the magnetic small jars. They can store a lot of small items without cluttering up their workspace!

Making jewelry.

Yarn crafts.

Here are 16 other ways besides pegboard to organize yarn.

You like to do a little bit of everything?

Well, here are some great examples to help keep everything in order.

Here’s another.

So, there you go! Lots of ways to organize your whole house using pegboard!

There are just so many ways it can be used.  It is easy to paint and “dress up” so it doesn’t have to be relegated to just the garage and it’s amazing how many ways there are to organize with pegboard.

I hope you found some ways to tackle those problem areas of your home, too. Remember, a place for everything and everything in its place!

So go grab some pegboard today and happy organizing!

~ Pam

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