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Have an old crib and don't know what to do with it? I love repurposing items so here are 10 great ways to repurpose a baby crib.

10 surprising ways to repurpose a baby crib


Have an old crib and don't know what to do with it? I love repurposing items so here are 10 great ways to repurpose a baby crib.

I love repurposing items! So today I’d like to share with you 10 great ways to repurpose a baby crib that might just surprise you.

Have an old baby crib and don’t know what to do with it?  Or did you find a great crib at a garage sale and just knew you could do something awesome with it?  Well, get ready for some surprising ideas!

1. Turn a crib into a kids’ art station.

2. Use a crib rail to display Hot Wheels and other small toys.

3. Use a crib rail to hold craft supplies.

Here are other ways to store craft items using pegboard and 16 ways to store yarn!

4. Baby cribs can be repurposed many ways to make awesome seating.

So many possibilities here…

This upcycled rustic bench:


Or this sweet chair:

Or even this gorgeous porch swing:

(Wouldn’t you just love to sit out here with a good book?  Ahhh, heaven…)

5. Repurpose a crib rail into a drying rack for the laundry room.

Here are 7 other ways to make your laundry room better.

6. I just love this easy patriotic art, made by simply painting a crib rail.

I like that this can be used either inside or outside, too. Here are some patriotic food ideas to go with it.

7. Repurpose a crib rail into a magazine rack.

Turn it on its side and hang it on the wall. So easy!

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8. How about an upcycled chalkboard easel?

Love, love love this idea! Works easily as either a signboard for a business or in a child’s room. Here is where you can get chalkboard paint.

9. What a darling dress-up station.

(Repurposed by simply adding a dowel between the head and foot board, and removing sides of the crib)


10. Two different (but very clever) ways to use a crib to make a garden trellis.

As an avid gardener, I am always looking for cool new trellises, and these are both cute but still functional and sturdy.

Use the side rails as a bean or cucumber frame:

Or simply paint and re-use the mattress springs:

I love this propped in the corner!

I see baby cribs at garage sales all the time and had no idea of the possibilities for them!  I hope some of these surprisingly clever ideas have inspired you to take your kids’ old crib down out of the attic or hunt for one at your local flea market or recycle center and transform it into something awesome.

What a great way to save a treasured family item or salvage one that someone else was getting rid of.

I think a trip to the flea market or the garage sale circuit is in my future!  How about you?

~ Pam

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