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Are you fed up with your cramped, unorganized bathroom? Well, here are 14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls! Easy, cheap and so much potential!

14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls!

Are you fed up with your cramped, unorganized bathroom? Well, here are 14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls! Easy, cheap and so much potential!

Are you fed up with your cramped, unorganized bathroom? Well, here are 14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls! Easy, cheap and so much potential!

As a professional organizer, I know figuring out how to store everything in a bathroom space is troublesome for many people so I recommend using the walls!  We tend to forget about using the walls for storage when organizing the bathroom (or any room, for that matter).  They have so much potential! And so, here are 14 of my favorite ways to add storage using bathroom walls!  Just look at these great ideas!

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The empty wall at the end of the tub.

Add shelves, a rail and buckets and you have lots more storage space.

Here are other ways to add storage in the tub and shower.

If you have an empty wall next to the sink, fill it up with inexpensive shelves.

I got these shelves and accessories at Target and they help keep toiletries off the counter top.  See how I re-did my kids’ bathroom here.

Kids' bathroom makeover - adding shelving to bathroom wall.

Add a shelf over the door.

This is such a great place to store extra toilet paper or towels, especially if you don’t have a linen closet in your bathroom.

Attach attractive woven baskets or bins to the wall for quick and easy towel storage.

Another great way to add towel storage is to use a decorative wine rack.

The designs today are wonderful and they are fairly inexpensive, too.

Repurpose old dresser drawers to add beautiful storage.

Storage and a jewelry holder.

Mount the drawer to the wall through the back panel.  Attach cup hooks and decorative knobs to create a lovely shelf with hanging space for jewelry. Love this look!

As a shelf and towel bar.

Line an old drawer with beautiful paper, add a simple shelf to the middle and a dowel hung on 2 cup hooks at the bottom for a lovely yet useful bathroom shelf.

Attach mason jars to a piece of weathered wood with metal hose clamps for a functional storage idea, full of rustic charm!

Decorate inexpensive wooden frames mounted on the wall for each child to hold their toothbrush, cup and other supplies.

No fighting over whose is whose!

Attach mason jars to a plank of wood and then add hooks to hold each person’s towel, too.

A great way to keep each kid’s “cooties” separate.

DIY toothbrush holders made from milk jug lids.

Make toothbrush holders out of milk jug lids by cutting a notch out, spray painting them to match your decor, and attaching them to the wall with Velcro. I just love cheap and clever ideas – and this is one of my favorites!

Don’t forget the loo!

Add shelves over the toilet.

It really adds functional storage, especially in a small space like a powder room. But they don’t have to be the brass unit that slides around the toilet like the kind that was in your grandma’s house. It is easy to make floating shelves or other simple shelves. Add decorative baskets or boxes to store those, ahem, necessary items discreetly.

A rail and basket system works great in here, too.

Frame the toilet paper holder.

Yeah, you heard me.  But, really, isn’t this just an awesome idea???  As a librarian, you know I love that everyone will have some reading material right within reach! 🙂

So, there you go, 14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls! Do you have other ways you use your bathroom walls for storage?  If so, let me know!

~ Pam

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