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10 fun crayon crafts. It's back to school time again. Here are some awesome crayon crafts so you have a reason to use up the old ones & go get a new box!

10 fun crayon crafts for grown-ups


10 fun crayon crafts. It's back to school time again. Here are some awesome crayon crafts so you have a reason to use up the old ones & go get a new box!

It’s back to school time and that means stocking up on school supplies.

What I looked forward to the most was getting that brand new box of crayons.  I am SO glad adult coloring books are currently popular, because they give me a perfect excuse to get new boxes of crayons!  Today I would like to share some fun crayon crafts with you.  Then you will have a reason to use up your old crayons so you can go get a new box, too.  See, I’m looking out for you!

For a recycled crayon craft, make crayon candles.

These are so pretty and really easy to do, too.

Or crayon and pinecone firestarters.

What a clever idea.  This easy DIY is simply dipping the edges of pinecones in melted wax.  These can then be used as easy firestarters for the fireplace or campfire.  These would make great gifts, too.

Pretty raindrop suncatchers.

I know, I know.  This is a project designed for little kids, but I really love the look of these suncatchers.  I figure if a preschooler can do it, I might be able to, too! 🙂  And, of course, the design possibilities are endless.

Another fun crayon craft is melted crayon glass ornaments.

These are so pretty and, again, they would make wonderful gifts.  I like the fact that the melted crayons are inside the ornament, so no mess!

Melted crayon lanterns.

I love the look of this since they chose warm Fall colors.  The insert is crayons melted between sheets of waxed paper and the flame is a battery-operated tea light.  Delightful.

Such a variety of crayon art.

This one is very simple. It is basically using a hairdryer to melt small pieces of crayon in a splatter pattern on the canvas. I really like how this one turned out and the colors they chose.

But, they can be much more intricate, especially when melting a line of crayons for the pattern.

Here are a few awesome examples:

This first one is a brilliantly colorful rainbow.

And the step-by-step tutorial is wonderfully easy to follow.  (Because I have seen some real failed attempts at doing this kind of art. Like this.)

Love this charming artwork of silk flowers with melted crayon stems.

Crayon lip gloss? Yup!

This is a great tween project.  And it only uses 3 ingredients – non-toxic crayons, coconut oil and a drop of either peppermint or vanilla (for flavor/smell).

But there are also plenty of ideas of using crayons just the way they are for crayon crafts.

Here are a couple.

Ombre letter hanging.

Start with a wooden letter and hot glue on the crayons. This would look great in a child’s room.

Sweet crayon teacher vase.

If you are a teacher, this would look great on your desk, but this would also be a great gift for your favorite teacher.

So, now that you have some new crayon crafts ideas, go get that new box of crayons.  You know you want to! 🙂

If you liked these crayon crafts, here is another post I did on plastic spoon crafts.

Happy crafting!

~ Pam

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