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Kitchen cabinets and drawers a mess? Here's how to organize them!

Kitchen cabinets a mess? Here’s how to organize them!


Kitchen cabinets and drawers a mess? Here's how to organize them! Easy and inexpensive ways to make your kitchen cabinets and drawers more functional and organized.

Do you feel like you just aren’t using your kitchen cabinet and drawer space in the best way?

Kitchen cabinets a mess?

You just know there has to be better ways to organize those kitchen cabinets so you can fit everything in them and then find them again, right?

Well, today I’d like to share with you some of my favorite easy and inexpensive ways to really make your kitchen cabinets and drawers more functional, organized and really work for you.

So here we go.  Ten ways to organize those kitchen cabinets and drawers for maximum storage!

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1. Mounting a short towel rod onto the cabinet door makes a great hanging space for pot lids.

2. Adding several tension rods in a cabinet creates a great way to neatly store those unwieldy baking sheets.

3. Hang measuring spoons and cups on the cabinet door.

Paint the door with chalkboard paint first, and you have a great place to write grocery lists, important phone numbers, and other handy information.

4. Velcro a magazine file box to the cabinet door to hold plastic wrap, foil, and waxed paper.

5. Store water bottles or travel mugs in a magazine file box tucked inside the cabinet.

6. Add spacers diagonally in a kitchen drawer to hold long-handled utensils.

7. Organize spices and save space by attaching $3.99 Ikea spice shelves to the inside of cabinet door.

8. Attach a shortened shoe bag to the inside of the door under the kitchen sink to hold cleaning supplies.

9. Add inexpensive baskets from the dollar store to the inside of kitchen sink cabinets to store cleaning supplies.

10. Cut down a cereal box to make plastic lid holders.

Easy and inexpensive ways to make your kitchen cabinets and drawers more functional and organized. Use a cereal box to neatly store plastic ware lids.

Here is a post I did on recycling boxes: Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes.

I hope you found some great tips here.  What are some of your favorite kitchen organization tips?

~ Pam

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