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Wish you could use that extra space in your attic to store rarely used items, but aren't sure how to? Here are some great attic storage ideas to help.

Great attic storage ideas

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Wish you could use that extra space in your attic to store rarely used items, but aren't sure how to? Here are some great attic storage ideas to help.

Wish you could utilize all that extra space in your attic to store rarely used items, but aren’t sure how to? Here are some great attic storage ideas I’ve found.  Soon, all those Christmas decorations, seasonal sports equipment, and other odds and ends will be organized neatly for easy access.

The attic is a great place to store things that aren’t often used but you still want to keep.  You know, things like those boxes of Christmas ornaments, your pool toys in winter and boxes of winter gear in summer. The attic is a great untapped storage place.  Now, keep in mind that, unlike basements which are damp, attics tend to be very dry. And, this is a no-brainer, but even with lots of insulation, they tend to get warmer than the rest of the house.  So, take it from me, do not store your box of Christmas candles in your attic if you live in Florida…  Just sayin’.

Get your items ready for storage.

Invest in sealable plastic storage containers (preferably the clear kind so you can see what is in each bin). This will keep out bugs, rodents, water (if you ever have a roof leak) and dust much better than cardboard boxes.  And, please, write what is in each box on an index card in Sharpie and then use clear packing tape to attach it to the box, especially if you have opaque bins.  That way you can see at a glance what each box contains.  Trust me, it is worth it to take a few extra minutes NOW before you put items in the attic to do this.

Attic storage ideas: Create a stable floor.

It is really easy to lay down sheets of plywood between the rafters.  You definitely do not want to step through your ceiling, and adding the flooring may be all the storage area you need.

Here is an example for just a small space between rafters. But you can still store a lot of bins, even in this little space!

Here is a much larger space.  Ooh, think of all the possibilities…

Second, make it easy to get your items into the attic.

If you have a drop-down stair that folds into the ceiling, you can create a simple pulley system to hoist boxes easily into the attic instead of trying to go up the ladder while carry them.

Here are the directions to make one.

Attic storage ideas: Shelving.

There are lots of ways to add shelving and it all depends on the amount of space you have to work with and the pitch and angle of your rafters and roof.  If you are lucky enough to have plenty of standing room, you can simply bring up or build stand-alone shelving.

Stand-alone shelving.

Here is store-bought plastic shelving large enough to store plastic bins.

Look at this simple wood shelf unit, large enough to hold storage bins. Here are the directions to make it.

Here is one you can make from PVC pipe. Here are the directions.

Between the rafters shelving.

Building the shelves right in between the rafters is a great way to add storage.  You can make individual shelves in between each rafter, like this:

Or you can build a large single shelf that is braced on the rafters instead.

You can also build hanging boxes to store items in between the rafters, like this.  Here are the directions to make this.

Or these hangers you attach right to the rafters to store bins. Love it! Here are the directions.

Like these attic storage ideas?

No matter which storage ways you choose, it is so smart to use your attic space, especially for those seasonal items that tend to clutter up the garage the rest of the year!

I hope you found some great attic storage ideas here. Since you’ll be getting all of that stuff out of the garage, here are some ways to find some extra storage in forgotten areas of your garage, too!

What kinds of things will you (or do you) store in your attic?

Happy organizing!

~ Pam



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