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Command hooks are so versatile! Here are 15 awesome ways I bet you haven't thought of to use them all over the house to hang, hold & organize stuff!

15 clever ways to use Command hooks!


Command hooks are so versatile! Here are 15 awesome ways I bet you haven't thought of to use them all over the house to hang, hold & organize stuff!

Command hooks are so versatile! They are great for spaces where you don’t want to use nails, are easy to attach and remove, and open up all kinds of organizing and decorating ideas. To get you started, here are 15 awesome ways I bet you haven’t thought of to use them all over the house to hang, hold & organize stuff!

Have you ever wanted to hang up an item but didn’t want to put holes in your walls?

Well, Command hooks are your answer! Not only are they inexpensive, they come in all kinds of colors, sizes and strengths now, even for wet areas and outdoors, and they are easy to find and use. As a professional organizer, I use them all the time!  They are an answer to a prayer for renters who are not allowed to use nails in their spaces. But, they also work well for tight spaces where it is too difficult to use a hammer or even on delicate surfaces where a nail simply won’t work (like on tile, mirrors, or metal doors).

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Here is a link to tons of Command hooks on Amazon.
So, here are some fun new ways to put those Command hooks to good use!

Hang a wreath on a door by turning the hook upside down.

Then just thread the ribbon from the wreath over the top of the door. Here is a tutorial on how to make a beautiful spring hydrangea wreath.

Keep charging cords organized and out of the way.

Here are other ways to keep cords neatly organized: 5 easy ways to keep cords organized!

Create a charging station for your phone up off the counter with 2 Command hooks.

Organize the kids’ craft supplies.

These metal buckets can be found at the dollar store.

Keep purses and bags from tipping in the car.

Here are some other ways you can easily organize your car: 10 ways to organize and clean your car!

Keep the dog food scoop handy.

Here are some other ways to keep dog supplies handy!

Hide cords so they don’t dangle behind a desk.

This looks so much neater, doesn’t it?

Organize rolls of ribbon or washi tape using dowels and hooks.

Here are other ways to organize your gift-wrapping supplies.

Keep bibs right on the high chair.

Utilize the doors under your bathroom (or kitchen) sink.

Here are other ways to organize the space under the bathroom sink.

Hang up measuring spoons and cups for easy use and to get more drawer space.

Here’s how to organize all of your kitchen cabinets.

Hang up your tablet on the wall for easier viewing.

Hang pretty vases in the window without nails.

I just love this idea.

Here are 25 other things to do with mason jars.

Create a canopy bed for your dorm room.

Make a fabulous fridge art display that can be easily updated.

 There you go!  15 great ways to use Command hooks.

I would love to hear about other ways you use them. Let me know in the comments section.

Happy organizing!

~ Pam

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  2. Hi Pam, I didn’t even realize how useful these command hooks are. Will bookmark your page to come back to for more ideas!

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