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Organize and store gift wrapping supplies

How to organize and store gift wrapping supplies

Organize and store gift wrapping supplies

It can be so frustrating storing those rolls of gift wrap and ribbons!

Are all of your rolls of gift wrap just stuffed in a closet?  Are the bows all smashed, and rolls of ribbon unwound into a big tangle? Kinda makes you not want to wrap that perfect present you found for your best friend, doesn’t it?

 Well, today I have put together some ways to tame the mess, organize gift wrapping supplies and make wrapping gifts a breeze.

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Keep rolls of wrapping paper neat with toilet paper tubes.

The easiest way to keep your wrapping paper from unrolling is to use a toilet paper tube, cut down the middle.  Slip it onto the roll and it holds the paper neatly in place.

 How to store long rolls of wrapping paper.

Use a shoe bag.

Cut out the bottoms off of the middle pockets of a shoe bag organizer to store large tubes of wrapping paper neatly and then use the upper pockets to store bows, gift tags and tape.

Here are 25 other ways to use shoe bags around your house!

Use a garment bag to organize gift wrapping supplies.

Use a piece of extra shelving to create a great storage area for rolls of wrapping paper.

Use a pretty frame.

A pretty frame, cup hooks, and cafe curtain rods make a stylish way to hang up rolls of gift wrap.

Use plastic hooks and dowels to store the rolls.

Use an Ikea plastic bag holder to hold rolls of gift wrap.

These are so inexpensive and hold LOTS of rolls of wrapping paper. Attach it to the wall with a Command hook.

Repurpose a barstool into a gift wrapping center.

This is such an awesome idea!  I love repurposing items into even more useful things!

Ways to tame rolls of ribbon.

Use a plastic bin from the dollar store.

Hang the rolls from a dowel hung in the middle and thread the ends of the ribbon through individual holes.  No more tangled ribbon!

Use a pants hanger to keep rolls of ribbon neat.

And there you go.  Great ways to get your wrapping supplies neatly organized!

Like these ideas?  Please share them with your friends and family! Do you have other ways you store your gift wrapping supplies?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

Happy wrapping!

~ Pam

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