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25 ingenious ways to use shoe bags (but not for shoes)!

25 ingenious ways to use shoe bags (but not for shoes)!


25 ingenious ways to use shoe bags (but not for shoes)!

Shoe bags are inexpensive and so very versatile.  Here are 25 ways to use shoe bags to organize all kinds of things (even shoes)!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know how much I like helping people organize on a budget. Hey, that’s why my organizing business is called The Economical Organizer!  So, today I have rounded up 25 different ways you can use shoe bags to help organize your entire house (even your car and camp site) using just this one item!

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I cannot wait to try some of these out! Here is a link to purchase shoe bags on Amazon.

 1. Corral all those hard-to-store travel mugs that clutter up the cabinets.

2. Sort and hold Legos.

 3. For Barbies.

4. For stuffed animals.

Here are some other ways to store all of those stuffed toys: 5 easy ways to store stuffed toys.

5. For video games/electronics.

6. For spray paint.

 7. Hold gift-wrapping supplies.

Cut the bottoms off of 2 rows to hold the long tubes of paper. The upper pockets can easily hold ribbon, scissors, and tape.

Here are other ways to get your gift wrapping supplies organized: How to organize and store gift wrapping supplies.

8. Cut down and hung on bathroom vanity door to hold supplies.

 9. To hold shoes (Okay, yes you can use this one for shoes) and other items along the sides of the bed. (Great for dorm rooms!)

10. To hold cleaning supplies.

Makes it easy to keep the chemicals up high and out of reach of little hands.

 11. Organize supplies on camping trips.

 12.  Hold scarves, hats, and mittens.

13. Store and organize dorm room food.

14. Organize baby food containers.

Here are other ways to get your pantry organized and keep it that way.

15. Organize art supplies.

16. Grow a hanging garden.

17. Organize medicines and health supplies.

 18. Car storage.

Here are some other great ideas on how to keep your car clean and organized.

 19. Organize make up.

 20. Organize small pantry items like gravy packets and jello boxes.

(Here is how I organized my whole pantry)

 21. Organize yarn.

Here are 15 other ways to store yarn.

22. Organize office supplies.

 23. Organize bathroom toiletries.

 24. Organize your fashion scarves.

Here’s another way to organize those scarves.

25. Organize kids’ school and art supplies.


One other idea I had was to store cans of cat or dog food!


I hope this gave you some new ideas to help organize your space. I can’t wait to try a few of these myself!   Leave me a comment and tell me which ones you are going to try or please share if you have found other uses for these handy dandy bags.

Happy organizing!

~ Pam  🙂

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