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Looking for pool storage ideas? It's hot! If you have a pool, I bet it's getting a lot of use now. Here are awesome pool storage ideas to keep it organized!

Awesome pool storage ideas

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Looking for pool storage ideas? It's hot! If you have a pool, I bet it's getting a lot of use now. Here are awesome pool storage ideas to keep it organized!

Looking for some awesome pool storage ideas?

It’s hot.  If you have a pool, I bet it is getting a lot of use right about now!  But with all of that use, there are towels, suits, toys, floats and pool equipment that can just make your pool space messy and even dangerous, if someone trips over something.  So, from someone who lives in Florida, where we get to swim most of the year,  here are some of my favorite awesome ideas to help keep all of the pool necessities organized so you can spend more time enjoying the pool!

Ways to corral towels.

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We keep our pool towels in a large bin on the porch so no one has to drip water all through the house to get a towel after swimming.  We have a drying rack right next to it for wet towels, but it is pretty flimsy.

Awesome pool storage ideas! Looking for pool storage ideas? It's hot! If you have a pool, I bet it's getting a lot of use now. Here are awesome pool storage ideas to keep it organized!

So my hubby built a nice solid towel rack out of PVC.  We keep that one out by the pool. We just have to remember to bring in the towels before it rains (which it does every afternoon here in the summer). (The directions are coming soon – I promise!)

Awesome pool storage ideas!

 Here are some other ways to keep those towels handy.

What a great use of a wine rack!

I love the look of this old shutter.

Pool floats

These can be big and cumbersome and take up a lot of room. As you saw in my picture, we tuck ours behind the grill on our lanai, but I love these other ideas, too.

Use a cargo net and Command hooks to contain all those floats up off the floor. Here’ s a large cargo net on Amazon, like the one pictured.

Build long hooks using PVC pipes.

Or hang a whole bunch of floats and rings on a flag pole.

Goggles and toys

As you saw in my picture above, we use a large outdoor storage bin to hold our boogie boards, water guns, and other toys.  We use a small plastic storage bin (the kind with holes in it so water drains out) that we got from the dollar store to hold goggles and other small items.  But, I love these ideas, too!

Use dollar store baskets attached to your fence or baby fence to store toys. Easy to do and handy since they are right next to the pool.

Using a wooden pallet is a great way to store noodles.  Add some hooks to store towels, wet suits, and goggles.

Here is another version that also added baskets for goggles and toys.  So clever!

Use a laundry basket and pool noodles to make a floating pool toy basket.

When you’re done in the pool, it’s easy to grab the whole basket, set it on the deck and have everything drain and dry out. Nice!

Use  a fun piece of weathered wood to hang goggles and masks.

And this is my favorite, since it has storage for everything!

Okay, we’ve covered pool storage ideas. Here are 2 ideas just for fun in the pool!

Create a floating cooler!

Attach pool noodle pieces to a storage bin with twine.  Fill it with ice and beverages for a floating cooler!  Awesome!

Floating tea light luminaries.

Another great idea for using pool noodles. Cut them up and insert battery-powered tea lights in them to float in the pool for a lovely ambient light during an evening party by the pool.

Love spending time in the back yard?  Well, here are some more tips on getting the rest of your yard as nice as your pool: Fun outdoor decorating ideas.

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So, get that pool area organized and then cool off in the deep end.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Happy swimming!

~ Pam

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