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Get your craft room organized with these great ideas. Whether you have a full craft room, a closet, or just a bit of floor space, here's how to get your craft supplies organized!

Get your craft room organized!


Get your craft room organized with these great ideas. Whether you have a full craft room, a closet, or just a bit of floor space, here's how to get your craft supplies organized!

Get your craft room organized with these great ideas. Whether you have a full craft room, a closet, or just a bit of floor space, here’s how to get your craft supplies organized!

When I sent out a survey in my newsletter recently asking what my readers’ biggest organizing challenge was, the resounding response was organizing their craft space.  As a professional organizer, I know many people struggle with finding space in their home for different activities. Making a craft space, having a home office, creating a guest room, etc.

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Use the walls to get your craft room organized!

As you have seen in previous posts, I love using walls for storage, like this post: 14 ways to add storage using bathroom walls. It really helps in keeping the floor space open and it’s a lot of free storage space that can be used in a variety of ways.

And a terrific way to maximize your wall storage space in your craft room is to use pegboard.

You can add hooks, baskets, buckets, and/or shelves, and configure them all kinds of ways to organize your supplies just the way you like.

This one is for the scrapbooker.

I love how they used dowels to hold rolls of paper, boxes to hold paints, and a rack to hold spools of thread on this one!

For the jeweler:

This one is for the sewer or quilter.

And this one neatly organizes paint supplies.

Psst.. (Here are other ways to add storage all over your house with pegboard!)

Tired of all of that clutter in your garage, craft room, or kitchen counter tops? Organize with pegboard to keep your whole home neat and clutter-free.

Can’t use the whole room? Reconfigure a closet in your guest room.

This is a great way to add a craft space. Start with two file cabinets or plastic sets of drawers at either end of the closet space. Then add an old door or large shelf on top to create a crafting desk. Add pegboard to the back wall of the closet and attach cans, baskets, bins and more small shelves to organize all of your supplies. Run an extension cord to a power strip for electricity. Next, add a task lamp, torchiere lamp, or lamp that sticks on the wall to add light. That way you also have a place to plug in your sewing machine, glue gun, or whatever else you have that requires electricity. Easy!

For more elbow room, you can simply remove the closet door(s).

To “hide” the space if needed, simply add floor length curtains to a tension rod and secure it in the top of the door frame, as in the picture below. You can easily add a Command hook to the wall to hold the curtain back while in use.

But if you keep the doors on, you can use the back of the closet door to create even more organizing space.

Add shelves or hanging shoe bags to create storage.

There are all kinds of over-the-door hanging shelves available that are very reasonably priced.

I just LOVE this entire closet!!! Don’t you?

Peg board isn’t just for walls! Add it the closet door for more storage, too. Paint a section of the door with chalkboard paint or attach stick-on cork board panels for an instant bulletin or idea board.

So, what if you don’t have a closet in the space? Get a rail system and curtains to block off a corner of your room as your crafting area!

These attach to the ceiling like the curtain dividers in hospital rooms. Simply pull the curtains shut to keep your craft area neatly out of sight (and it won’t look messy if you have a project that is only partially finished, but you don’t want to have to put all of it away). This works especially well if your craft space is in a main area of your home like the family room, guest room or finished basement.

Another easy way to add storage space is to add an armoire, standing cabinet or re-purposed dresser to store crafting supplies.

This is a great way to store yarn, scrapbooking supplies, art supplies, and all kinds of tools. Simply shut the doors or drawers, and it’s just another nice piece of furniture in your space. Sweet!

Make your craft space pretty!

Grab storage bins and baskets from the dollar store or use shoeboxes and other recycled items for very inexpensive storage.

And if you cover them, they can stay out in plain view for all to admire, too! 😉

Cover cereal boxes with wrapping paper to create great FREE storage for crafting and scrapbooking paper. Here’s a whole post on uses for cereal and other cardboard boxes!

Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes . Turn your cereal boxes into a decorative yet functional file sorter for your desk!

And save up old boxes and toilet paper tubes to create a FREE art caddy. Decorate it with fun colored duck tape!

Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes . A desk organizer from cardboard boxes and duck tape - neat!

So, what kind of crafting do you do?

Obviously, since I blog a lot about DIY and craft projects, I love making simple projects like wreaths and other decorations for my home. For example, here are a couple of projects I did this fall. Halloween wreaths and pumpkin topiaries.

But, when I’m just relaxing in the evening, I must admit I am still a kid at heart and love coloring! (Gotta be all those years working as a children’s librarian!) 😉 I like the fact that I can do as much or as little as I want at a time and don’t have to finish it all at once. I am so excited about the craze of the last few years with elaborate adult coloring books. So, can I just go ahead and tell you that I AM ADDICTED?  

My 13-year-old son and I sit and watch science/sci-fi shows a lot in the evenings (like Star Trek or Dr. Who, National Geographic animal shows, Mythbusters and, yes, I admit it, Finding Bigfoot). What can I say? We’re science and sci-fi nerds at my house! 😉 So, I grab my colored pencils and my coloring book and color away! I find it very relaxing while watching TV. I also love doing elaborate dot-to-dots, too! Have you ever done those? There will be several hundred dots on a page and the pictures can turn out to be quite elaborate, like my King Tut mask pictured below. And the bonus is, you guessed it, you get to color them when you’re done! Woo hoo!

Here are examples of both dot-to dots and coloring pages:

You should give them a try.  They are fun!  But, I still want to know what kind of crafting you do, too!

Here is the shopping guide for items to help you get your craft room organized. 

(Just so you know, this page contains some affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support in this way. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.)

For the pegboard

Closet re-do

Hanging over-the-door shelving

Ikea rail system (Amazon)

Storage cabinets (Amazon)

My relaxing stuff  – which I highly recommend! 🙂

Whew! Thanks for sticking with me to the end! There was a lot to cover in today’s post. So, I hope I’ve given you some good ideas on how to get your craft room organized as well as ways to create a designated crafting space in your home so you can spend more time doing the crafts you love!

No matter whether you do knitting, painting, quilting, scrapbooking, woodworking, jewelry work, or other crafts, it’s so important to be able to do crafting without the stress and hassle of trying to keep all the supplies organized.  That way, you can simply enjoy the crafting itself! Crafting is such a relaxing and exhilarating way to let our creative side out. Don’t you agree?

Remember, leave me a comment and tell me about what kind of crafting you do. I really do want to know!

I’m off to sharpen my colored pencils while I wait…

Until next week,

Happy crafting!

P.S. Do you like using Pinterest for crafting ideas? I sure do!!! Come check out my Pinterest boards here!

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