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Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes - including storage for kitchen, bedroom and office. Even wall art and as a lamp! Really!

Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes

Awesome ways to recycle cereal boxes - including storage for kitchen, bedroom and office. Even wall art and as a lamp! Really!

I love being able to repurpose items, and I today I’d like to share some awesome way to recycle cereal boxes.

Cereal boxes really are easy to repurpose into all kinds of useful items, and they don’t cost anything extra than the cereal you were going to eat anyway!

 Even you aren’t “crafty,” these ideas really only take minimal crafting skills, I promise. 

For a large project that needs a lot of boxes, I grab a laundry basket or empty recycling bin and store the boxes in my garage until I have what I need.

So, get ready and start saving those cereal and other boxes!

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Junk drawer organizer.

See my tutorial in this previous post:
Use recycled boxes to organize your junk drawer. 

Use cardboard boxes to organize your junk drawer - a great way to recycle!

Finally get those papers organized on your desk.

Use as many cereal boxes as you’d like for a custom fit.

Art supply caddy.

This is fun because duct tape comes in so many awesome colors and designs now, like this!  You can really let your imagination run wild.

Keep water bottles within reach and in view by stacking them in magazine files.

Keep plasticware lids neatly organized in the cabinet.

Here is another post on organizing your plastic containers and lids:  How to organize plastic containers and lids.

Storage for small books, magazines, scrapbooking paper, or greeting cards.

Here’s another idea for the same design – store a curling or flat iron.

When cooled down, of course! 🙂

Make your own photo frame mats.

Store flip flops neatly.

Wall art using contact paper from the dollar store.

(But wrapping paper or scrapbook paper would work great, too.)

And for a really interesting craft project…

They used a pushpin to create the design on the cereal box, then added a low heat light behind it – how easy is that?

So, what are you waiting for? Start saving those boxes and let me see what you come up with!

Want more recycling ideas? Here are easy ways to recycle trash into treasure!

Happy recycling!

~ Pam

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