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Decorate your home with removable wall decals! They stick on and peel off easily, perfect for rentals or to just change up decor quickly with little fuss.

March 18, 2017
by Pam Hoepner

My obsession with removable wall decals

Apparently I am obsessed with wall decals.  At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to recently!  You see, over the years, I have decorated my homes with wonderful removable wall decals. They stick on and peel off easily, so they … Continue reading

How to make a homemade ice pack for after wisdom teeth removal. Easy to make with items you already have. Your sore face (& the tooth fairy) will thank you!

March 12, 2017
by Pam Hoepner

Homemade ice pack (for after wisdom teeth removal)

​Well, this has been quite the “toothy” week at my house. My oldest daughter just got 2 wisdom teeth removed a few days ago. She’s on Spring break from college this week, so it was perfect timing and she did … Continue reading

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