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Do you love feeding birds? Making DIY crafts that are both fun & functional? Here are 20 fanciful DIY bird feeders to pep up your yard & fill up the birds.

20 fanciful DIY bird feeders


Do you love feeding birds? Making DIY crafts that are both fun & functional? Here are 20 fanciful DIY bird feeders to pep up your yard & fill up the birds.

Do you love feeding birds? How about DIY crafts that are both fun and functional? Now that Fall is upon us, it is getting cooler and time to give our feathered friends a helping hand. So, here are 20 fanciful DIY bird feeders to pep up your yard and treat the birds to a meal in style.

We have a bird feeder right outside our screened-in porch and I love seeing all the birds come and chow down. So does my cat. Even though he never goes outside, he’s also the reason we no longer have a squirrel problem. We adopted Stallone a year ago, and the squirrels think twice about raiding the bird feeder when he’s sitting there watching them through the screen. Yay!  Funnily enough, the birds don’t seem to mind him. We have a family of cardinals that come regularly, as well as blue jays, mourning doves, sparrows and tufted titmice. I find it so peaceful watching birds, don’t you?

Do you love feeding birds? Making DIY crafts that are both fun & functional? Here are 20 fanciful DIY bird feeders to pep up your yard & fill up the birds.

Since I am all about saving money by recycling and repurposing items and doing do-it-yourself projects, today I have gathered 20 of my favorite DIY bird feeder ideas to share with you.  The rules were that they had to be easy to make, use inexpensive or recycled items, and most of all be quirky, fun, whimsical or fanciful, yet still practical.

Not too much to ask for, right?  Well, I think these all fit my list of rules and I think you’ll like them, too!

I was really surprised at how many different styles of DIY bird feeders can be made using tea cups. These are so clever!


What an easy DIY project! It’s simply gluing the teacups and saucers right to the arms of the chandelier. So pretty!

This one uses the saucer as the roof.


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This one is so simple. Just glue the teacup to the saucer and hang by the teacup handle. The glue used for this one is Elmer’s china and ceramic cement.

Combine teacups and glass vases.

Aren’t these just beautiful?  And old vases can be easily picked up at thrift stores or garage sales.

On the same theme, this little cutie is a teapot turned on its side!

These next 2 DIY bird feeders are made from coffee cans.

This one uses a pot lid for the cover and another for the base and a tart pan as the saucer.

I just love the look of this one! Even though this is from Pinterest and doesn’t have directions, it looks easy to do.

How simple is this one?

The coffee can is hung on its side and the lid is cut down to keep the seed inside.  And you can be really creative with the painting, like they were.

Use terra-cotta saucers.

Set the saucer inside a hanging basket frame for an easy bird feeder (or bird bath).

Flip a tomato cage upside down to hold the saucer and voila! Easy bird feeder.


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Awesome DIY bird feeders from repurposed items!

Gumball machine as a bird feeder?  Yes, please!

Not sure what to do with an old candle holder?

Mount it on the wall and fill up all those cups with birdseed. So simple!

I love the rustic look of these old bent shovel heads.  Perfect bird feeders!

Look at this great feeder!  Simply an old ladle mounted on a weathered board.

Here are some really great DIY bird feeders made from plastic bottles and jars!

This one is a cut apart and cutely painted 2 liter bottle.

Easy bird feeder for kids to make.  Poke 2 wooden spoons into the bottle and fill it up with birdseed.  Watch the birds come!

Here is another easy, kid-friendly one. This one is made from a peanut butter jar.

Although this one is rather plain, it could be painted. And using a bleach jug is a great design to keep the seed from getting wet in the rain.

Along the same lines, this one is made from PVC pipe and will last for a long time. It, too, is kind of plain, but it can be easily painted.

And finally, these 2 DIY bird feeders definitely fit the whimsical and fanciful part of my list.

This one is just plain fun! It is a clear glass light globe fitted inside an embroidery hoop.  How clever!

And this is one of my favorites!  A wine bottle pouring the birdseed into a wine glass. This one is quite the conversation piece! Make this one so you can go out in the yard with a glass of wine and watch the birds use their own! And, besides, you need an excuse to empty those bottles so you can make these feeders for your friends, right?

Just so you don’t think I am totally anti-squirrel, (I’m not. I just don’t like that they never leave food for the birds) here is an easy squirrel peanut feeder, made from a Slinky and a macrame hoop. 🙂

This list of fanciful bird feeders was so much fun to create!  Tell me, which ones did you like best?  I think I am going to have to continue this theme.  I see future posts on fun bird baths and bird houses coming soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

Since I mentioned my cat, Stallone, at the beginning of this post, I thought I’d share how easy it is to grow catnip so your feline friends can have a treat, too! How to grow and dry catnip.

Happy birding!

~ Pam

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  1. Wow. I didn’t know that we can create so many types of BIRD-FEEDERS all by ourselves, It will be a lot easier to feed my bird now. It will also save a lot of money too. I will try making the Jar Bird Feeder!

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  3. I have tried every glue known to man to glue the teacup and saucers together. As soon as it rains they come apart…any tips?

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