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It's the day after Halloween and your jack-o-lantern is looking pretty sad. Here's a fun idea from Audubon Society. Make a Halloween pumpkin bird feeder!

Recycle! Make a Halloween pumpkin bird feeder!


It's the day after Halloween and your jack-o-lantern is looking pretty sad. Here's a fun idea from Audubon Society. Make a Halloween pumpkin bird feeder!

So, it’s the day after Halloween.  The kiddos are on a sugar high, the costumes are put away, and there sits your Halloween jack-o-lantern, looking the worse for wear. Do you feel sad knowing it was only useful for one day? You just don’t have the heart to chuck it into the garbage can or onto the compost heap quite yet? Here’s a fun idea from the Audubon Society. Make a Halloween pumpkin bird feeder!

It’s easy to make a Halloween pumpkin into a bird feeder and a great way to recycle it, too.  My husband’s aunt posted this how-to article from Audubon on Facebook, and I thought it was such a great idea I wanted to share it with you, too!

Here’s how to make your Halloween pumpkin bird feeder:

First, cut down the pumpkin until it resembles a bowl.  Poke several wooden perches (dowels, twigs, etc.) around the rim.  Knot two pieces of rope together.  Tack or nail the knot to the bottom of the pumpkin. Pull up the 4 pieces of rope to make a hanger. Simply fill up the pumpkin with bird seed, hang it up and watch the birds come.  Easy-peasy!  Well, for some of us, it may end up as more of a squirrel or raccoon feeder, but it won’t last for very long and it’s nice to give them a treat once in a while, too.

Here is the video:


And here is the link to the full article on the Audubon website:

Pumpkin Bird Feeder Makes a Happy Harvest For Birds

I always love projects that let me recycle things, even if this one will only be for a few days here in sunny Florida before the pumpkin totally rots. 😉  (Which is why I am doubly glad to make this feeder!) One of the downsides of living in Florida is that because it’s so hot, we can’t carve our pumpkins until Halloween itself, or if we’re feeling really daring, then the day before. So this is a great way to make it last a couple of days longer. And any time I can help animals is a great bonus!

And, here is a great way to store your birdseed so it stays fresh and bug-free all year long!

Do you love to feed wild birds, but find a large bag of seed too hard to work with? Well, here's a great way to store bird seed so it is easy to pour & stays bug-free.

Let me know how your recycled pumpkin bird feeder goes!  (And how long YOURS lasts! )


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Happy bird-watching!

~ Pam

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