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Valentine's Day at my house is all about easy to make, fun to eat Valentine's Day treats. Here are 11 treats to tempt your littlest cupid to your biggest sweetie!

11 easy to make, fun to eat Valentine’s Day treats!

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Valentine's Day at my house is all about easy to make, fun to eat Valentine's Day treats. Here are 11 treats to tempt your littlest cupid to your biggest sweetie!

Valentine’s Day at our house is all about easy to make, fun to eat Valentine’s Day treats.

Working as a children’s librarian for so many years, it was such fun to give out treats after my Valentine’s Day programs and my own kids looked forward to fun parties at school, too. So even though my guys are teens now and I work at a college library helping students with research papers instead of reading picture books to toddlers, I still love giving and getting Valentine goodies. (And my family does, too.) So I have compiled a fun list of 11 treats that will make your littlest cupid all the way up to your grown up sweetheart be glad they are your valentine!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get treat-making!

11 awesome and easy to make, fun to eat Valentine’s Day treats!

An easy way to make a heart-shaped cake.

Don’t have a heart-shaped cake pan nor room to store one?  Well, this easy idea simply uses 1 square and 1 round cake pan to make a perfect heart-shaped cake!

Secret to heart-shaped cupcakes? A marble!

Put at marble beside the cupcake liner in each muffin tin and you’ll have heart-shaped cupcakes. Sweet!

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Sweetheart buddies.

My family is addicted to muddy buddies, so I know this will be a big hit as well.  It uses white chocolate and strawberry cake mix.

Valentine’s s’mores snack mix.

Another great snack mix for your favorite valentine, who will definitely want s’more! 😉  Made with Goldfish grahams, mini marshmallows, and M&Ms.

Oreo truffles hearts.

Oreos, white chocolate, sprinkles.  Sounds like a perfect treat to me!

Pretzel kisses.

These would be great for a Valentine’s Day party. Made with square pretzels, Hersey’s Hugs, and M&Ms. Yum!

Red velvet and M&M bars.

Simple to make because it uses a boxed red velvet cake mix.

Chocolate chip cookie dough Valentine hearts.

These delectable chocolate-dipped truffles have a filling of peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate chips.

Teddy bears with valentines.

A great idea for older kids to make their own treats to give to friends. Teddy grahams hold conversation hearts “glued” on with a dab of frosting. Easy and cute!

Valentine’s Day white chocolate popcorn.

A yummy sweet and salty treat! Add in conversation hearts, sweeTARTS, M&Ms or just lots of sprinkles!

No-Bake Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Lasagna.

Easy enough for your kids who are kitchen-savvy to make. Layers of mini Nilla wafers, light cheesecake, and cherries. Delicious! I’m sure you could substitute strawberries or any other fruit for this, but I do love cherries. Yum!

Here’s another great cherry recipe: Cherry Dump Cake.  Not such a romantic title, but it’s so easy to make! Dump all the ingredients (there’s only 5) in your crock pot and let it cook.  Serve it with ice cream or whipped cream. Easy and delicious!

Need a delicious yet easy dessert? Cherry dump cake fits the bill. Layer the 5 ingredients & bake. Perfect for company or a potluck. So easy, kids can help.

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I am really hungry now! 😉

I hope you found some great inspiration to make goodies for your valentines. What are your favorite Valentine’s Day treats? Chocolate? Strawberries? Candy? Cupcakes? Drop me a line and let me know!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~ Pam

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