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Kids' bathroom makeover - brighter and more storage

Kids’ bathroom makeover – brighter and more storage


Kids' bathroom makeover - brighter and more storage

I did this kids’ bathroom makeover to brighten it up and add much-needed storage for my 3 teenagers, who all share 1 bathroom.

It was definitely time for the kids’ bathroom makeover! We hadn’t done anything to it since we moved in 4 years ago, and we were sick of the dark blue-gray color, the fact that they have a lot more stuff in there now and it was hard for them to keep it neatly organized.

Here’s what their bathroom looked like before…

Kid'sbathroom makeover - before I added storage.

They liked the bright colors on the shower curtain and bath accessories (like the toothbrush holder you can see in the above photo), so we painted the walls a bright chartreuse and added a border of the other colors (I used a sponge dipped into the paints to make the design).

Here’s the freshly painted space:

Kids bathroom makeover - freshly painted bathroom ready for shelving

 It looked a lot better, so it was time to add storage.

We added a small plastic drawer set for odds and ends, like nail polish, dental floss, retainer cases, and make-up. There was a cute matching garbage can with all of the colors that we wanted to be seen, but since the can had to live in the vanity cabinet, we decided to leave it out and store the cat food container in it and just put a small white plastic garbage can under the sink instead.

Kids' bathroom makeover - adding drawers for bathroom storage

Added storage space on the counter.

We also added an over-the-sink shelf, which was fine, but the kids decided  it was in the way of the faucet and they liked it better farther over on the counter.  So we moved it over, which was even better because now there is storage underneath it as well as on top of it. (Ignore the plaid shirt of the photog in the mirror, please) 🙂

Kids' bathroom makeover - adding a shelf for counter top storage

Add shelving to unused wall space.

What made the biggest difference, though, was using the empty wall space.  I added a set of 2 15″ and 1 12″ white shelves that I got at Target.  I had a great find in Target’s clearance area, too, finding several sets of glass jars, buckets, and bins to keep thing neatly organized on the shelves, and they were all ridiculously marked down in price. Yay!  I filled these up with the kids’ cotton balls, swabs, hair bands and accessories.

Kids' bathroom makeover - adding shelving to bathroom wall.

Add cabinets or shelves over the toilet.

We also had an antique wooden cabinet that we mounted over the toilet in the bath area for storing extras like shampoo bottles, toilet paper, and cleaning products. It’s a gorgeous wood, and I debated on painting it white, but I just couldn’t do it.  I absolutely love that antique wood and just couldn’t cover it up.  If I had purchased a cabinet, I would have chosen white, though.

Kids' bathroom makeover - adding a storage cabinet over the toilet.

All done!  The bathroom is a much brighter space and has lots of extra storage!

So that is our bathroom makeover and it really wasn’t very expensive. We bought a gallon of paint from Lowe’s, and the shelves, drawers and jars from Target.  We already had the accessories and wooden cabinet.  The paints that we used for the border were actually leftover sample jars my girls had from when they were deciding what colors to paint their rooms.  But those sample jars are pretty inexpensive at Lowes. Using the space on the walls and adding a second shelf on the vanity top, helped create a lot more usable storage space and makes it much easier to keep the bathroom neat and organized, even for 3 teenagers!

Want some more bathroom storage ideas?  Here is another post about organizing the space under the bathroom sink. 

I think the kids’ bathroom makeover was a huge success.  It’s brighter and there’s more storage. So, what do you think?  Let me know what you think about our makeover.  I’d love to hear from you!

~ Pam

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