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Here is a round up of 25 awesome mason jar crafts that go from functional to decorative to just plain fun to create! They are inexpensive and so versatile!

February 10, 2017
by Pam Hoepner

25 awesome mason jar crafts

There are so many ways to use mason jars in crafts.  Have you ever done a mason jar craft? I just love doing craft projects with them because they are inexpensive and so versatile! Today I have a round up of … Continue reading

Use that leftover turkey meat and carcass from your holiday dinner to make homemade turkey noodle soup! It's easy and delicious, full of flavor and veggies!

November 26, 2016
by Pam Hoepner

Homemade turkey noodle soup

You’ve just finished your wonderful holiday turkey dinner. The leftovers are neatly packed in the fridge. But are you stumped with what to do with your leftover turkey bones that still have yummy bits of meat on them? Use that … Continue reading

Thanksgiving is almost here. Here's a 30-day printable Thanksgiving blessing journal for you since Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks for our blessings.

November 22, 2016
by Pam Hoepner

Printable Thanksgiving blessing journal

Just a few more days until Thanksgiving.  I have created one last printable for you, a printable Thanksgiving blessing journal. And I really feel it’s the most important of all.  Thanksgiving is all about counting our many blessings and giving … Continue reading

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