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Here are 20 fun Thanksgiving turkey treats to make since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Who knew there were so many yummy ways to make a turkey?

20 fun Thanksgiving turkey treats


Here are 20 fun Thanksgiving turkey treats to make since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Who knew there were so many yummy ways to make a turkey?

Here are 20 fun Thanksgiving turkey treats to get your table ready since Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Who knew there were so many ways to make yummy Thanksgiving turkey treats?

As I have mentioned before, I spent many years as a children’s librarian and therefore did many Thanksgiving crafts. I also remember that as a kid, my job at Thanksgiving was to fill up the party cups. My mom always had me fill up individual paper baking cups with a mixture of butter mints and mixed nuts, one for each place setting.  Then I got to add cut-out paper feathers to the cups. So, in honor of my mom and my days in the library, I decided to compile my 20 favorite turkey treats to share with you.  They are easy to make, completely edible, and just darned cute! Your dinner guests will love them. After all, everyone needs a cute little turkey around for Thanksgiving!

Turkey cupcakes.

Betcha didn’t know there were so many ways to decorate cupcakes like turkeys, did you?

Nutter-butter turkeys.

Candy corn turkey tail and feet.

Oreos for eyes.

Cookie turkeys

Made from regular and mini golden Oreos.

Pretzel turkeys

Turkeys made from all different kinds of pretzels, from round to rod!

Chocolate dipped pretzels and mini Oreos.

Rolos and pretzels.

Round pretzels, candy corn, white chocolate, and chocolate chips. Easy!

Chocolate-dipped rods.

Savory cheese and meat turkey platters.

What fun!  These turkey platters are both fun and creative.

Here’s another.

Fun cheese ball.

I really like this little guy! He’s almost too cute to eat. (Almost!)

Veggie turkeys

Lots of great veggies in this guy.

Love the use of all the peppers!

Fruit turkeys

Love the idea of using a pear half for his body! It’s the perfect shape!

Here’s another.

Apples and caramel.

This one is so simple and will be a big hit with the kiddos!

Turkey treat bags

Yeah, mine were never like this! 😉

Here’s another one! So dang cute!

This one uses clear disposable gloves, popcorn, and Goldfish! How cute!

Cocoa Krispies drumsticks and turkeys.

For a different twist!  Hey, at least everyone can have a drumstick now!

Fat little turkeys!

Bonus Thanksgiving treats.

In searching for the turkeys, I came across some other really clever food treats, and I just had to share them, too.  I think these are so clever!

Indian corn cupcakes.

Made with Jelly Belly jellybeans!  (Including my 2 favorite flavors – buttered popcorn and toasted marshmallow. Yum!)

Miniature caramel apples.

Use a melon ball scoop to make the apples.  How smart!

Sugar cone cornucopias.

Filled with fun candies like candy corn, pumpkins, and Reese’s pieces. Easy and fun!

Homemade turkey noodle soup.

And, of course, you need something to do with that real leftover turkey. How about a big pot of homemade turkey noodle soup? Easy and delicious!

Use that leftover turkey meat and carcass from your holiday dinner to make homemade turkey noodle soup! It's easy and delicious, full of flavor and veggies!

So, there you go!  A ton of great ways to add some extra turkey to your Thanksgiving feast with these fun Thanksgiving turkey treats! Did you ever have individual snack cups at each place setting for your Thanksgiving? Just curious! 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Pam

P.S.  I have some free Thanksgiving printables to make your Turkey Day preparations easy! Includes a preparation checklist, place setting cards, and thankful cards. Fill out the form below to download them 🙂

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