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Here are 11 Mother's Day teen gift ideas for teens to make for Mom that you can casually pass on to your teen (by text?) & not one is a macaroni frame!

11 cheap & easy gifts for teens to give to mom on Mother’s Day

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Here are 11 Mother's Day teen gift ideas for teens to make for Mom that you can casually pass on to your teen (by text?) & not one is a macaroni frame!

So, moms, are you hoping your teens will give you something good this year to show you their appreciation for all you do for them? Well, here are 11 Mother’s Day teen gift ideas for teens to give to Mom you can casually pass on to your teen (by text?) and not one is a macaroni frame! Yay!

Yes, moms, judging by the amount of time your teens spend in their room, I know you are wondering what happened to that sweet little kid who always wanted to be at your side. You haven’t gotten anything for Mother’s Day since elementary school because that is where they made their awesome macaroni picture frames and hand print signs for you.  But, take heart, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I have 3 teenagers, ages 18, 16, and 13 so I have every level of hormonal teenage angst going in this house, from my oldest in her first year of college (yikes!) to my youngest, who just started teenage-hood.  Let’s be honest. For Mother’s Day, I am just hoping for fewer eye rolls and them not spending the day in their rooms 😉  Don’t get me wrong, they are great kids and from time to time they really surprise me with their thoughtful kindness to others, so this post is blatantly for my own kiddos as much as yours.

Hang in there and Happy Mother’s Day, moms, you deserve it!

A mani-pedi kit.

Easy as getting a new bottle of nail polish, some cotton balls, polish remover, and pedi toe-separators (all of which can be found at the dollar store).

Homemade sugar scrub.


Beautiful frame from egg cartons.

NOT macaroni 🙂

DIY picture candle.

Painted coasters.

They can really use their creativity on these!

Mason jar herb garden.

So easy to plant pre-started plants right in the jars (from your local nursery. We even have them at our local grocery store! ) or put a seed packet in each jar for Mom to grow her own from seeds.

Here are  25 other ways to use mason jars!

DIY bath bombs.

Easy to find ingredients and molds can be egg poacher, ice cream scoop or plastic Easter egg.  Oh, and as a bonus, promise not to bother Mom while she’s soaking in the tub… 🙂

Gorgeous lanterns.

So easy to make with mason jars, decorative glass stones, and LED tea lights.

 Homemade foot soak.

Detail your car.

Wash the outside, clean windows inside and out, dust the dashboard, vacuum the interior.  Here are some other great ideas: 10 ways to organize and clean your car.  What a treat to have a clean vehicle!  I’ve always said when my kids were little we could survive a full week in our van with all of the Cheerios, sippy cups, and extra jackets that were always left in there! 😉    My van is still the vehicle we use when all 5 of us (plus the dog, usually) go anywhere, so it still gets pretty messy. So having someone who contributed to the mess clean it up would be a wonderful treat!

Tried and true coupon book.

You just can’t go wrong there!  And this is a free download with the coupons already done! Easy-peasy!

 So, kids, use some of these Mother’s Day teen gift ideas to give mom a wonderful Mother’s Day!  She’s always been there for you.  Tell her thanks with a heart-felt homemade gift.

And since I was pretty rough on my own kids at the beginning of this post, I promise they are my pride and joy. So here is a proud momma picture of them to end 🙂

Here are 11 Mother's Day teen gift ideas for teens to make for Mom that you can casually pass on to your teen (by text?) & not one is a macaroni frame!

Happy Mother’s Day, all you moms!


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