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Here are 13 awesome eyeglasses craft ideas to help you keep your eyeglasses safe and also repurpose those old eyeglasses cases.

13 awesome eyeglasses craft ideas


Here are 13 awesome eyeglasses craft ideas to help you keep your eyeglasses safe and also repurpose those old eyeglasses cases.

Here are 13 awesome eyeglasses craft ideas to help you keep your eyeglasses safe and also repurpose those old eyeglasses cases.

My husband and I both wear glasses, and so do all three of our kids. And that means we’ve had a lot of pairs of glasses and glasses cases floating around our house for a very long time! So, I decided to pull together some ways to not only keep your glasses safe from scratches and other damage, but also ways to repurpose those old eyeglass cases. 

By the way, August is National Eye Exam Month, so if you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, why not make an appointment today?

Eyeglasses craft ideas for cute glasses cases.

I love repurposing items and making an eyeglasses case out of an old tie is a great way to recycle!

Another great way to recycle is to use old jeans to make a very cute eyeglasses case with an extra pocket to hold a cell phone.

This case uses an old measuring tape for the snap closure.

Make a zippered sunglasses case to match your beach wear!

Use a cool frame to hang up your glasses.

This is such a smart idea to have right in your entryway.  And it’s so easy to find nice old frames at yard sales or thrift stores.

Here are some other ideas on organizing your entryway, from my post: Smart entryway organization ideas. 

Make an eyeglasses chain holder for those readers to keep them handy.

Just thread one of the temple pieces through the pendant on the one chain or attach the ear pieces to the ends of the other and you’ll always have your reading glasses within reach.

Just for fun eyeglasses craft ideas 🙂

How about some Muppet crocheted eyeglass holders?  I can’t decide. I like them all! (and there are more, including Bert, Elmo and Animal)

More eyeglasses craft ideas for using old cases.

If you are like our family, we seem to accumulate LOTS of those hard eyeglass cases, and here are some clever ways to repurpose them!

Make a portable sewing kit.  This would be great for a dorm room!

Look at all of these cute clutch purses you can make from eyeglasses cases! Who knew?

Re-use your case as a make-up holder.

Make a take-along first aid kit.

A busy box for the car.

Use an old eyeglass case to store crayons or small toys for those long car rides or to keep the kiddos occupied while waiting in line or at an appointment.

And finally, don’t forget to donate your old glasses!

If you have glasses with old prescriptions lying around, please check with your optometrist to see if they accept old glasses.  Many optometrist offices will then donate those glasses to both national and international charities so that folks who couldn’t otherwise afford glasses have a chance at better vision.

Other highly trustworthy organizations that take old glasses are the Lions Club International (who have drop boxes in many places including libraries) and LensCrafters, both of whom partner with Saving Sight. Click on the links for these organizations, to find out more about them as well as eyeglass drop off locations. My family uses Lenscrafters to purchase our glasses, and the drop box is right at the counter.

The secret to getting those glasses clean and streak-free!

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My last tip is that since I am ALWAYS washing schmutz off of my family’s glasses, my favorite cleaning method is using warm water and a drop of Dawn dish soap.  It cuts through the greasy fingerprints and other noxious substances we seem to accumulate on our glasses.  I wipe them off with a paper towel and they are sparkling clean and streak free.  (Psst, don’t tell my optometrist’s office that I use paper towels.  They recommend cloth, but I find the paper towels work best for us…)

I hope you found some fun new ways to protect those eyeglasses!  Believe me, with 5 of us all wearing glasses, we know how expensive they can be!

Here is our 4-eyed family (taken on Easter last year)!

Happy Easter 2016 from the Hoepners

How do you keep your glasses safe?

Happy crafting!

~ Pam




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