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5 easy ways to keep cords organized

5 easy ways to keep cords organized!


Hate to have to open a drawer and sort through a tangled mass of cords to find that specific one you need? Here are 5 ways to keep cords organized!

Do you wish there were simple ways to keep cords organized? It can be frustrating to have to open a drawer and sort through a tangled mass of cords to find that specific one you need.   

Well, search no more. Here are 5 simple tricks to keep cords organized and tame the mess!

1. Store each cord in a toilet paper tube.

This one is so simple! Just wind the cord around your hand and stuff it in the tube.  Tangle-free and neatly stored cords. Boom – done!

2. To keep cords organized use bread tags and label them with a Sharpie.

Do you dread trying to figure out which cord goes with which device on your computer desk or power strip? Add a bread tag to each cord with the device name written on it in Sharpie and it will be easy to know what is plugged into each space on that power strip. Cover both bases. Add a corresponding colored twist-tie at the opposite end, where it plugs into the device to make it even easier.

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3. Use Washi tape to easily see whose cord is whose.

If you and your 3 roommates all have iPhones and iMacs – it can be hard to tell whose cord is whose.  Washi tape comes in so many fun designs and is really inexpensive. Covering each plug and its corresponding adapter with the same color tape makes keeping track of all those cords and adapters a snap!

4. Use an inexpensive crown molding wall shelf to hold phones and clear up counter space.

Two great tips for the price of one! Because I don’t know about you, but seeing that giant tangle of cords on the counter drives me crazy (especially since there are 5 of us who all have devices that need to be plugged in at my house) and this neatly eliminates that problem, and besides, who doesn’t need more counter space?

Speaking of kitchens, here’s how you can get your pantry organized and keep it that way, too! 

5. Make your own cell phone holder from a lotion bottle.

I love this idea!  A great storage holder that can be decorated to match any decor, you don’t pay extra for it AND you get to recycle! Score!

There you go!  5 ways to get those cords organized.

Got another way that works for you?  Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear it!

Happy organizing!

~ Pam

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