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10 awesome Ikea hacks you need to try.

10 awesome Ikea hacks you need to try.


I am a DIY/crafty girl, but these people have taken Ikea hacks to a whole new level and I just want to share these awesome ideas with you, too. So here we go - 10 of my favorite unique Ikea hacks - enjoy!



I’m a DIY girl, but some people have taken Ikea hacks to a whole new level! So I’d like to share with you 10 awesome Ikea hacks I have found.

I am lucky enough to have an Ikea store here in Tampa.  Can I just say I LOVE Ikea and just get that out of the way first?

Their stuff is good quality and inexpensive and since my husband’s favorite thing in the world is to put stuff together, we make a good team when we go there!

So here we go – 10 of my favorite unique Ikea hacks – enjoy!

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1. Dressing up a dresser.

I love this look of vintage suitcases, and it’s simply paint and hardware on this basic Ikea Rast dresser.

2. Lego table.

Just attach the Lego base to the table top of the Ikea Lack and sort the Legos into clear storage bins.

3. This elegant high-backed bench would look lovely anywhere in your home.

It’s an Ikea Expedit Kallax bookcase turned on its side.

4. Under the bed storage.

What a great way to utilize that overlooked space.  Again, it’s a Kallax bookcase turned on its side. It can be used to store blankets, shoes, or just decorative items.  Nice.

5. Everyone needs a “drop zone” when they first walk in the door.

I love this idea! Three Ikea Knuff wooden magazine storage boxes and a shelf, hooked together and hung on the wall. This is a great place for mail, keys, and sunglasses.  And it doesn’t take up any floor space.

For more of my entryway ideas, see this post: Smart entryway organization ideas.

6. These Ikea cork trivets are just covered in fabric – so simple, yet create quite a pop of color.

7. Look at this awesomely clever multi-level cat tree made from Ikea LACK tables!

(Just  like the Lego table hack) My cats would be over the moon if they had this.

For more kitty tips, check out this post: Cats are people, too.

8. What kid wouldn’t love their own reading nook?

This is so easy – just 3 Ikea bookshelves, like Billy bookshelves, screwed together at the bottom so they don’t tip. An added cushion makes it a comfy reading spot. Oodles of storage and a cozy place to sit. Perfect!

For more of my bookcase ideas, look here: 8 great DIY bookcases.

9. I love this idea of this Ikea plastic bag holder used as a strawberry planter.

Someone was very clever to come up with this one!

10. As a librarian, I seriously need to make this one!

Although they call it an apothecary box, to me it looks just like an old card catalog 🙂  I always wished I could get my hands on one, but this is the next best thing, and it would still be useful for tucking away small items. Here is a similar one from Ikea on Amazon.  But, then I also found this one, pre-finished, on Amazon, too.

Want to repurpose other things now?  How about 16 fabulous ways to repurpose old dresser drawers?

I hope these got your creative juices flowing!  I think a trip to Ikea is soon to be in my future.  How about you?

~ Pam 🙂

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  3. We have that IKEA dresser in #1. I love the suitcase idea! Now….will my husband let me do that….?

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