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Do you struggle with feeling unorganized and stressed? Do you wish someone would show you easy and inexpensive ways to get and stay organized?

Awesome! I’m ready to help you!

Hi! I’m Pam!   Here at Life, Creatively Organized, I use my experience as a professional organizer, librarian, and mom to share easy and inexpensive organizing, cooking, and DIY ideas because my passion is helping people become more organized and less stressed, so they can live more joyfully!

I believe you can get and stay organized without using a lot of expensive organizing “gadgets,” which is why my organizing company is called The Economical Organizer. And you will find tons of economical organizing ideas here at Life, Creatively Organized.

That is why I have pulled together a list of my 20 favorite organizing tips for you that are inexpensive and easy to do which will help you start (or continue) to get your home organized and clutter-free.

~ Happy organizing!