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25 days of joyful Christmas, a printable list of 25 things, one for each day until Christmas, that you & your family can do to bring joy to you & to others!

25 days of joyful Christmas ideas


25 days of joyful Christmas ideas, a printable list of 25 activities, one for each day until Christmas, that you & your family can do for you and others!

Can you believe it!  There’s only 25 days until Christmas! Sometimes we can get so bound up in all the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations that we simply forget to enjoy all the Christmas season brings.  And that is a real shame.

There are cookies to bake, cards to address, presents to shop for, and decorations to hang.  At my house, Christmas involves a lot of singing performances.  My two youngest kids both sing in their school choirs, both of which will have Christmas performances.  My daughter’s high school chorus is also singing in the live Christmas extravaganza at EPCOT again this year (the perks of living in Florida!). And all 5 of us sing in our church choir and our Christmas cantata is fast approaching.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love all of these things, but goodness, it can seem a bit overwhelming at times! And I bet you have a million and one things on your to-do list, too, and, like me, you are probably starting to get a little bit panicky already.

How can we take some time to really enjoy the Christmas season?

25 days of joyful Christmas ideas!

Well, here is one way. I have created a printable list of 25 activities, one for each day until Christmas, that you and your family can do to bring joy to yourself and others. Some are as simple as watching Christmas movies, others a bit more active – like shoveling your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk (or mowing their grass if you live a snow-free zone like I do).  But, all of these ideas are ways to not only reflect on but experience first-hand the joy of giving and receiving Christmas cheer and passing it on to others. Because, truly that’s what Christmas is all about!

So click here or on the picture below to get the list as my Christmas gift to you!

25 days of joyful Christmas ideas, a printable list of 25 activities, one for each day until Christmas, that you & your family can do for you and others!

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I hope these 25 days of joyful Christmas ideas starts your holiday season off on a right note (no pun intended after all my talk about singing)! And remember, so it won’t overwhelm your schedule, it’s only one activity a day, and a well-deserved item on your very long to-do list! All of these activities can be done as a family, whether your kiddos are small or teens, and what better way to teach them about Christmas than doing things together, especially if it benefits others?

You can click here to check out our free Christmas gift tag printables, too.

Now, I really want to know! Which Christmas movie are you going to watch first?  It’s a wonderful life?  A Charlie Brown Christmas?  Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer?  (Incidentally, were you as terrified as a child by the Humble Bumble as I was?)  Elf?  The Santa Clause? All favorites of mine.  Of course, there’s always National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which I must admit is one of my favorites, too!  Tell me your favorite!  I’m always looking for great Christmas movies!

25 days and counting!

~ Pam


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