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Here are 10 fun snacks kids will gobble up. Great for classroom parties and other occasions too, like birthday parties or Halloween!

Fun school snacks kids will gobble up!

Here are 10 fun school snacks kids will gobble up at their end of the school year party!

Here are 10 fun school snacks kids will gobble up. Great for classroom parties and other occasions too, like birthday parties or Halloween!

School is just about over for the year and the classroom parties are in full swing.  Make any of these adorable snacks and let your kid be the star!

These can be used for other occasions too, like birthday parties or Halloween, but for now, though, we are focused on getting through these last weeks of school. Right, frazzled parents, kids, and especially teachers? ūüôā

Fun school snacks:

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Peanut butter puppies.

Made with Nutter Butters, white and chocolate chips and caramels. So cute!

Oysters with their own pearls.

Shell cookies, pink frosting, and a yogurt-covered raisin for the pearl. Here are the cookies used in the photo.

Oreo Owl cupcakes.

Chocolate cupcakes decorated with Oreos and M&Ms.  Easy and cute!

Cookie monster cupcakes.

I am NOT a fancy decorater/icer, but even I can use a tube of pre-mixed blue frosting with a star tip and make these. ūüôā

Sesame Street veggie platters.

I LOVE these!!!! ¬†They look just like the characters and it’s a healthy alternative to the sweets!

Apple teeth.

I have made these many times with my story-time kids at the library. ¬†This is an easy snack craft for preschoolers! And it simply uses apples slices, mini marshmallows, and peanut butter “glue.”

Apple faces.

These just made me laugh. ¬†I can see these being a big hit with kids¬†(they were with my son)! These use apple slices, but I think Kiwi would work really well, too! I think the sunflower seed teeth are a special touch ūüėÄ

Screaming pretzels.

Chocolate covered pretzels and candy eyes.  Easy and fun! These would be great for Halloween, too.

Spider sandwiches.

Ritz crackers, peanut butter, candy eyes and pretzels. Easy and yummy! You can also fill them with cream cheese if there are peanut allergies.

Celery butterflies.

So sweet!  Stuff celery with peanut butter, cream cheese, or even hummus, add pretzel wings and raisin eyes.   Voila!

***So many of these treats use candy eyes, I thought I’d put a link on here to purchase them from Amazon if you can’t find them locally. Click here.

It was so hard to decide which fun school snacks¬†to include! ¬†There are tons out there, but these were my favorites. ¬†If you have other ones, please share! ¬†I’d love to see them!

Looking for a great teacher gift? ¬†Here are 2 ideas: Easy DIY teacher’s gift¬†and¬†two gifts in one for your teacher.

~ Pam

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  1. These are some really cute ideas, and look really easy to do!

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